4 Aspects of a Brand New Relationship

Being in a new relationship is exciting. It can feel like a lot of fun and satisfaction. New relationships, however, also have specific characteristics that may affect the way you experience this bond. Let’s take a look at 4 important aspects.


When you first enter a relationship, you are usually infatuated with your partner. This comes with butterflies in the stomach and all other characteristics of “puppy” love. When you are infatuated, you are attracted to them and want to spend a lot of time with them, but you may not know them all that well at first.


In a brand new relationship, we tend to see our partner through rose-tinted glasses. They might seem like the “one” and appear to be almost perfect. While we may see some of their faults, we usually minimize them and don’t look at them as being significant. We focus on the positive.

Looking better than we are

Just as we idealize our partner, we also hope to have others idealize us. We might make more compromises, be more willing to go along with their ideas, or downplay our own flaws, intentionally or unintentionally. We may be more willing to forgive and much less willing to get angry or mad. We want to make the relationship work.


Every relationship that lasts must change. W e can’t stay in the infatuation phase forever, which has its drawbacks and advantages. Eventually, after 6 months or so, we begin recognizing more of our partner’s faults. We start fighting more and having more conflict. We begin to get to know our partner and also open up to show more of ourselves. When infatuation passes, we can begin to develop lasting and deep love or we can decide to end the relationship.

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How To Deal With School Stress

School can be a great source of stress. It requires late hours, a lot of hard work, passing tests and quizzes, and working to have a social life and extra activities on top of everything else. School can have many sources of stress, like bad relationships with peers or teachers and the pressure to perform well. Let’s take a look at a few ideas that can help you deal with school stress.

Identify the causes for the stress

Stress can come from a variety of sources. School-related stress can be linked to many issues, but often we put pressure on ourselves. If we have very high expectations or try to perform always at the highest level, that can contribute to making us more stressed. Consider where most of your stress is coming from.

Avoid procrastination

Procrastination is the bane of many students and a big source of stress. Whether it’s related to homework, study, or other issues, when we wait until the last minute, we can make ourselves feel a lot more pressure. Use time management strategies and planning to avoid leaving everything until the last minute and try to get an early start.

Outline your priorities

We have limited amounts of time and energy to invest in the different things we need to do. We can’t be amazing at everything, even if we want to. It’s a good idea to outline your priorities. What matters more to you now? Where can you afford a B instead of an A? Consider what matters most and do what’s important first.

Make time for fun and rest

Fun, social activities, and rest, especially sleep, are very important. They make us perform better and feel less stressed overall. Even if you have a lot to do, try to make some time for your hobbies, for artistic activities, for sleep, and for being with your friends. Cutting out all fun and most of rest time won’t make you more productive, but it will make you more frustrated and stressed.


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Top 5 Tips For Living Alone

Living alone can be very exciting, but also challenging. When you live alone, you need to rely more on yourself and be ready to face different situations. In order to make the most of your personal space and time, consider these five tips for living alone.

Keep your place clean

When you first start living alone, it may be tempting to leave your place in a disarray. After all, nobody else is around to worry. However, it’s a good idea to find ways to clean and organize everything in a way that’s comfortable for you. While you don’t need to keep everything spotless, keep it clean and comfortable for yourself (and for any guests you might have).

Avoid isolation

When you live alone, it gets easier to stay home and watch TV by yourself. While there’s nothing wrong with many quiet evenings at home, it’s a good idea to make the effort to seek out friends, family, and social events. Isolation can leave you feeling lonely and affect your emotional state.

Learn new skills

When you live alone, it’s a great time to learn more skills and discover new sides of yourself. Living alone can help you become a better cook, a capable decision-maker, a financial expert, and so on. While this may seem challenging, it can be a great way to grow and become more independent. Learning new skills can involve calling your mom for help or looking for easy recipes online, but today you have a lot of options to learn new things.

Make your space your own

A great advantage of living alone is that you can have fun decorating. While budgeting and having a rented space can limit you somewhat, you can really let your creativity fly. Whether you prefer a minimalist style or a wall full of posters, you can finally have a space where you can be comfortable

Have fun

Problems aside, living alone is a fun experience. It can help you become more independent and more confident, and it comes with a lot of perks and a lot of privacy. Enjoy having guests or staying in, decorating how you want, and walking around without pants. Your space is for you to enjoy.


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Dealing with Work Stress

Stress seems to be an inescapable part of our lives, and work stress is no exception. According to the American Psychological Association, around one-third of all workers experience chronic job stress. This means that many workers suffer the negative effects of stress, such as sleep problems, irritability, anxiety, a weakened immune system, and health problems. Work stress can be connected with a low salary, excessive workload, lack of opportunities for growth or career advancement, a toxic job environment, lack of control over job decisions, conflicting demands and roles, and others.

Some factors may be unavoidable – we may have to deal with our workload or work a job that is not fully engaging or satisfying. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t make an effort to manage our work stress.
What can be done to manage work stress? First, you need to identify what are the causes of your stress. Do you feel overwhelmed by your workload? Are the expectations and demands unreasonable? Do you feel pressure to always be on call? Consider what are the issues that are the causes of your stress. You can try first seeing whether you can address them proactively. Talk to your supervisor or boss to see whether they can be reduced or changed. Some of these issues may be related to poor boundaries you set for yourself. For example, unless your job requires you to be available all the time, it may be better for you to set boundaries and not answer messages after hours or on the weekend, although whether you can do this may depend on your workplace.
In most jobs, however, you should be able to take more steps to improve your condition. You can take up exercising and good habits, like getting more sleep and eating healthier. This will help you better cope with stress. You can make time for your hobbies and relaxation practices like meditation. You can seek social support from family and friends. If job stress is hurting you, it’s a good idea to seek counseling to help manage work stress.
Overall, stress can be better managed by: setting boundaries, proactively trying to change stressful aspects of the job, having healthy habits, making time for fun and relaxation, and seeking social support to deal with stress.


APA. (2017). Coping With Stress at Work. http://www.apa.org. Retrieved 17 March 2017, from http://www.apa.org/helpcenter/work-stress.aspx

Aging And Mental Health

Aging is often a time of many new challenges. People are faced with changes in their life and, often, a decline in physical health. Many also expect that aging will be linked to a decline in mental health, as there are many stereotypes associated with aging and becoming less competent. A decline in mental health, however, is usually linked to health problems like dementia that can lead to a severe decline in a person’s thinking, memory, and language, among other problems. However, a normal aging process is usually not linked to a loss of cognitive abilities. What does happen with age?

There are some changes in cognition when the person grows older. People can learn at a slower rate and need more repetition when learning something new. They can also have more problems recalling recently learned information. However, the decline in cognitive abilities is usually not significant enough to impair people in their work, hobbies, and relationships. Older adults stay creative and wise despite the problems associated with age. Cognitive decline can barely affect many people, especially if they stay active.

Staying active in different aspects of one’s life is one of the keys to a more satisfying old age. What does it mean to stay active?



Exercise that is related to the person’s capabilities and needs is important in all parts of life. Some older adults may prefer to practice a sport or jog, while others will be happy walking around. What’s important is to try and move if possible.



Older adults should strive to keep their minds active. This means always learning new things, engaging in new challenges, seeking activities like games and puzzles that get the mind working, and, generally, focusing on developing one’s mind.



Older adults can benefit a lot from staying socially active. Staying connected with friends and family, as well as making new connections can help older adults stay more active and keep the mind and body active as well. Social connections are also an important aspect of our well-being, so staying in touch is a great way to enjoy this stage of life more.


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Is happiness a choice?

When we think about happiness, we usually see it as something that happens to us. We are happy when the circumstances are right, when we get what we want, or when everything is fine. Happiness might be seen as a passing state or a fleeting emotion. However, another way to view happiness as a choice. But is happiness indeed a choice?

Psychological research would suggest so. While it has been suggested that there is a genetic element of happiness and that a certain percentage of our happiness is out of our control, studies suggest that around 40% of our happiness depend on us, our attitude, and our choices.

We might feel that events, like winning the lottery or having a severe injury, could significantly tip our happiness scales, but research has found that people who have won the lottery or who have had a spinal cord injury were not significantly happier or unhappier than their peers. Their happiness was stable over time, suggesting that our life events may have less of an impact on how happy we are than we believe. Lotteries, marriages, etc. won’t make us happier if we weren’t before.

What will make us happier? Choosing to be happy and acting on that choice. Research has found different, simple strategies that can help us to be happier. We can build a long-term happiness if we choose to do it, making the most of that 40% within our control.

Choosing to be happy doesn’t require us to spend our days in search of enlightenment. We can do it by reframing the way we think. We can make the effort to recognize the good things in our life, to be grateful for our circumstances, to frame the things that happen to us in a positive way, to be kind, and to build good relationships. We choose to be happy by creating better habits, better ways of thinking, and better relationships with others. These things require an effort, but they are within our control.

Give Your Mental Health A Boost

There has been a constant research going on to find some drug that can give boost to mental health and activity. It looks like the wait has been over and researchers have found one of the smart drug called ‘Modafinil’. Researchers have shown that modafinil helps to boost the cognitive function of the brain without causing any damage. It is also prescribed in the U.S as a solution for problems associated with sleep disorder such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy. It also boosts alertness just like caffeine.

The drug has been tested for its mental health benefits. When the drug was tested on the subject by asking them to perform a difficult task after taking the drug, the result was accurate. We can deduce that the drug performs accurately when associated with tasks that require higher cognitive functions.

People have been hunting for the solution of boosting brain power in the past but its only modafinil that passed the test of cognitive enhancement as compared to other drugs.

Modafinil is used as FDA approved treatment for narcolepsy. Modafinil has been outstanding for boosting mental health, especially when tackling difficult problems although professionals are still uncertain about the long-term side effects. It is still debatable that whether children and teens should be using this drug or not to increase their productivity in school. Teens usually buy modafinil online from online pharmacies.

Generally, Brain-boosting drugs affect different people in a different manner. Brain boosting drugs could cause damage to their brain development but there is no research evidence against modafinil in this regard. Modafinil also work well with People with low to average IQ.

Whether you are highly educated or not there is still room for you to enhance your cognitive power by expanding your mind. There are so many tricks, diet and lifestyle associated with getting the best result from your brain cells even though you are a bookworm or genius.

Here are some steps to give your mental heath a boost:

Cognitive enhancement Drugs

Mental abilities tend to decline especially as you approach the age of 40 since some of us will culminate in full-blown dementia. If we had the opportunity to reverse this scenario or hide it, wouldn’t we?

Cognitive enhancement drugs are the solution to this problem and modafinil is the best option. It was originally produced to treat the effect of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders but Modafinil has outstanding ability to keep someone awake and sharp for about 48 hours without losing concentration or having any jitteriness that is caused or produced by coffee.

Modafinil also helps sleep-deprived people to perform better as most modafinil prescriptions are written mainly for people who wants to stay awake. Modafinil helps to get rid of fatigue associated with the multiple sclerosis and certain sleep disorders.


The food you eat affects how you think

What you eat affects how you think. Since your brain is one of the most essential organs in your body, it requires some specific diet to function properly. This means by taking the right pills or food, you can achieve maximum benefits.

Breakfast is another essential meal that shouldn’t be missed and it has been proven that frequent missing of breakfast can reduce mental performance at work or in school.

Glucose serves as a fuel to the brain. Omelette and salad are also smart choices for lunch since eggs help your brain to produce more neurotransmitters and these chemicals eventually enhance the functioning of the brain. Lunch can be rounded off with yogurt dessert although it causes stress in the afternoon since yogurt contains amino acid tyrosine that facilitates the production of neurotransmitters. Snaffling a snack in the mid-afternoon to maintain glucose level is also necessary in order to avoid the intake of processed goodies and junk foods such as cakes and biscuits.

An aging brain can be kept in a perfect condition with the help of antioxidants which includes vitamins C and E as they help to mop up damaging free radicals.


Listening to music

Listening to music can aid your spatial and mathematical reasoning since music generally tends to tune up your thinking but it requires more than just selecting a particular music on your iPod to get smart. Music lessons are also very essential and can be considered as a healthy brain activity since they require mental skills, listening to rhythm and delicate movement of fingers. Music can also help to boost mental capabilities provided that the music is something familiar.


Gainful employment

You could get a great reward by tasking your brain in the right way. A basic function of the brain known as working memory assists the person’s IQ to enhance problem-solving abilities, verbal reasoning and spatial skills. A person’s IQ can be enhanced by simply boosting the working memory.

Working memory is regarded as a workbench for the solution of various problems and it’s also the brain’s system for storing short term information. One can unlock brain power by simply working on memory training.  Modafinil has been a wonderful drug to increase short term memory but rigorous research is still going on to support this theory with considerable evidence.


The power of a good night’s rest

Poor night rest can lead to a decline in problem-solving ability, alertness, memory, concentration and tumbling of IQ scores. One research has shown that sleep derived person and a heavily drunk person have similar thinking abilities. If you ask sleep derived person to fall asleep for 2-3 hours, he tend to perform well on tasks that involve maximum concentration since attention is the base of any mental activities. When you are asleep, your brain tends to practice new skills, information and memories to enhance your problem-solving skills.


Body and mind

The act of walking calmly for about half an hour continuously three times in a week can boost one’s concentration and learning ability. You can notice these effects in older people. There is an equivalent benefit for every extra mile that is walked in a week.

These effects are not only noticeable in old people but also in small children. Aerobic workouts tend to boost your brain power by pumping extra oxygen to your brain. Workout also enhances the growth of new cells in the brain, especially in adults. One research has shown that the effects of brain building as a result of workouts are strongest in the hippocampus and this aids memory and learning. If you are feeling worn out, do yourself a favor by going for a run.


Thought control boosts your brain power

Thought control helps to boost your brain power in a mysterious manner. Although, it’s really a difficult task and very few people know how it works. This act is called neurofeedback as it doesn’t necessary imply relaxation or concentration. Neurofeedback exposes people to real time measure of some of their physiological aspects. Even though most patients discovered that they could, only few could explain how they did it. There are proofs that the power of thought can boost creativity and confidence of people.


Paying attention

The first step to take in order to improve your concentration is to raise your arousal levels. Modafinil can help you increase your alertness, attention and

Neurotransmitters like dopamine and noradrenalin regulate the part of the brain that boosts attention. Noradrenalin enhances vigilant state while Dopamine enhances persistence and goal centered state of the mind. This is the reason why you can boost your brain power by raising your dopamine level. Drugs and caffeine can increase dopamine levels.

Caffeine and nicotine is another popular stimulant that boosts alertness and attention. It has been in existence for a long time and it is known for its medicinal advantages although it is highly addictive. Amphetamine also boosts memory and attention especially in children although it’s also addictive and has severe side effects such as sleep disorder and loss of appetite.


People have also been finding information on how to buy modafinil online but they fail to realize that modafinil is basically a prescription drug and buying it online is not legal in some countries. Even though the fact above is quite glaring, law enforcement agencies hardly prosecute anyone buying modafinil online. You tend to spend more when you purchase modafinil from a pharmacy, this is the reason why people with the prescription still prefer to buy modafinil online.


Let me tell you guys a story. It was a time when one of the friends of mine showed me the movie Limitless. And that was my first interaction with Modafinil. I was impressed and I tried it.

Before it, I was a heavy procrastinator who had a very tough time working as a freelancer. Fast forward this day, after a year, and I am still ripping the awards of this stuff. It’s nice to work 12 hours without a sweat. I know that movies are a bit exaggerated, but I have to tell you, the extra brain capacity this little baby is giving you is awesome.

Anyway, since I started using Modafinil, a lot of things has changed in this industries. Some have fallen, some new have arrived. One of the biggest vendors, Modafinilcat closed their doors. A few others stood up after it, trying to take its place. But there is one particular vendor that caught my interest. It was online even before Modafilincat closing. And the name is DuckDose. I thought that it’s a nice chance to try it, and oh boy, I am glad I did. Now I will review this website for you guys, in case you want to become their new client.



So I decided to try it and therefore I ordered some. They gave me a tracking code and everything. I was impressed with their fast delivery. My order came in 7 days.

I had no problem at customs and anything like this. It came in a clean sealed package, with no labels on it. When I opened it I found exactly that I ordered. Nothing much to say about it.

Oh, and I had a very nice discount because I paid with Bitcoin. Yay! You get a 20% discount if you pay with Bitcoin. Being safe with your payments is a plus.

I bought Modalert 200 mg, the 300 pills bottle. This way you pay just $0.85 per pill.



First of all, I have to say to you guys that I am not strange to the effects of Modafinil. I can easily tell if something is fake or not.

And oh it was real! My first night that I tried it I woke up at 6 am to work hard on my projects. How I do it is quite easy. When the alarm goes off, I wake up, take half of 200 mg and then go back to sleep. In 30 minutes I’m up, wired and pump. It doesn’t take longer for me to feel the big effects it has on my brain.

Another reason I wake up early to take it because I want to catch up a good night’s sleep. If you take it too late, it will keep you awake. I feel like I am not very productive if I don’t properly sleep. You can force your brain into overcoming fatigue, but sleep deprivation is very dangerous so you should avoid it at all costs. After I wake up, already wired from Modafinil, I can easily do 10 to 15 hours of work done in that day. I can stay sharp and focused the entire time. I don’t even know what tiredness is anymore. It’s absolutely amazing. It helps me stay focused and avoid procrastination. DuckDose’s Modafinil is the real deal.

Without using it, I am a totally different person. I can’t do even half of the work without it.


would i recommend modafinil?

Nothing is for everybody. If you were my friend, I would, of course, advice you to be careful.

Yes, there are no long-term side effects and it doesn’t cause addiction. You can quit it anytime you want. But you should start it with 100 mg per day, to see how your body reacts to it. You don’t want to jump into the highest dose the first time.

And you should have some projects or something important that you want to do, maybe a homework or a heavy workout session before you take it. You don’t want to take it and let those thoughts wander around your head while you watch TV.

You should also be careful about rogue vendors online, that steal your credit card information. You should only buy it from trustworthy sources, like DuckDose. You can also pay with Bitcoin, to avoid introducing valuable personal information.


would i recommend duckdose?

Definitively.  They are one of the cheapest suppliers of Modafinil I have found. And trust me, I searched a lot.

They have a very secure website, with encryption certificate and everything. Just like your bank. This is one of the first things I check out at a vendor. SSL certificates are not cheap, and if you get one, you will submit all your information as a verified owner. Therefore, it’s a safe buyer. And SSL encryption makes sure that all the information you input into the website can’t be hacked.

You can pay with Bitcoin, Visa or Mastercard. Every order is guaranteed. If your order gets stuck at the customs, they will reship it for you, no extra charge. And all order are sent via EMS and trackable. It makes buying more peaceful and without a sweat. You know where your order is at any time. They have a very awesome customer support. This is not something you find everywhere. Not all vendors take care of their customers and their needs. But DuckDose does that. You can always send an email with whatever question or issue you have to the “ducks” and get a quick quack back.


closing notes

Modafinil is not for everybody, but if you are that type of person that wants to boost their mental capabilities and access all your brain power, you should really try it.

DuckDose is a great place to buy your first. I am very pleased with them and I have become a returning customer for over six months.

Critical Signs of Possible Mental Health Issues

Are you or someone you know possibly suffering from mental health problems? If so then it’s important to be aware of the possible signs that a person is indeed dealing with mental health issues. Here are some of the most common ones:


  1. Withdrawing from people/activities

There are certainly valid reasons for people to spend time away from loved ones and regular activities, such as work deadlines. However, it’s a different story if a person has completely withdrawn from friends and family, or stopped doing activities they used to enjoy doing.


There isn’t a reason to panic if someone doesn’t make Facebook posts or tweets for a while, or misses band practice. However, if they’ve been AWOL for quite a, quite it could be a sign that something’s amiss regarding mental health.


  1. Feelings of helplessness/hopelessness

These types of feelings are also common among people who are going through mental health issues. It’s quite common for people to have a bad day now and then. On the other hand, if someone is experiencing continuing feelings of helplessness/hopelessness it’s not a good sign.


In fact, it’s often a sign of chronic depression or other mental health issues. The reason is that the person can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. In that situation, it’s highly advisable to get professional help.


  1. Eating/Sleeping too little/much

There’s nothing abnormal about sleeping inform time to time, or eating tons of food when you have a big appetite. However, if these kinds of situations happen frequently, it could be a sign that a person is experiencing mental health issues.


What’s it all about? Sleeping too little could mean something is bothering their mind, and sleeping too much could mean they don’t think it’s worth getting out of bed.


Eating too little or too much can also be a sign a person is going through some mental health issues. Depression can cause people to lose their appetite, while gobbling food can be a sign they’re using food to try and fill a void.


  1. More smoking/drinking than usual

It’s one thing if a person has a drink or smoke now and then. However, if it gets to the point where a person is drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes non-stop, it could be a sign that there’s a mental health issue that’s causing the behavior.


  1. Low or no energy

Several depression and other mental health issues can be tiring. Again, it’s not a big problem if someone is tried from watching late night TV or finishing a project for work. However, if it’s a major issue that seems to go on for weeks or months, it could be a red flag that something else is wrong. Stress and worry can have a major effect on mindsets.


  1. Seeing or hearing things that aren’t there

These are common signs that a person is experiencing major mental health issues. There’s a chance they could be suffering from schizophrenia or other major issues. In such situations, it’s important to get professional help immediately.

Major Effects of Exercise on Mental Health

Are you planning to start a workout regimen? If so you should be aware of how it can benefit not only your body but also your mind. Here are some of the ways exercise can boost your mental health:


  1. Hormones

More specifically exercise helps to build brain-building hormones. There’s something called derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) that helps to boost the growth and spread of brain cells. This is mostly true in the brain reaction that’s key for memory. When you exercise more your brain manufactures more BDNF.


  1. Stress

It might seem that just resting and relaxing is enough to battle stress. The stress hormone cortisol speeds up the aging process instead of slowing it down like BDNF. When dealing with stress, there are various cognitive results including less focus and worse memory.


Exercise can provide many benefits to battle stress. It drops cortisol levels, which helps people to concentrate better. Scientists also believe that it helps to build new nerve cells in a particular region of the brain that’s linked to building new memories. When people experience, stress the brain cells in the region drop in number.


  1. Insulin

Exercise also boosts sensitivity to insulin. The hormone Insulin is needed for blood sugar to enter cells. However, in some people, the cells try to fight off the insulin. The body them pumps out more, which can result in type 2 diabetes.


  1. Supplements

Supplements can help to provide various nutrients to your mind. There are certain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, etc. that have been linked to better cognition and mental health. For example, three amino acids have been directly linked to mental health.


If you’re doing a workout regimen, then you’ll likely want to enjoy the maximum benefits to your body and mind. If that’s the case, then you should consider taking supplements that can boost the benefits of exercise provides.


As when using other OTC products to improve your performance in sports, weightlifting, etc. it’s important to do some research before choosing a particular product, brand, etc.


  1. Executive function

The brain’s executive function is related cognitive abilities such as concentrate on complex tasks, organize, think abstractly, and plan for the future. Also, it involves “working memory.” That includes the ability to recall phone numbers when dialing the digits.

The research evaluated how exercise affected executive function. They reviewed 18 studies and learned that adults aged 55-80 who exercised regularly did 4x better on cognitive tests than groups who didn’t do any exercise at all.


The effects were also highest among people who exercised 30-45 minutes per session for at least 6 months. However, big benefits were observed in after just 4 weeks of exercises.


  1. Depression/Anxiety

Depression slows down the brain’s ability to process data. That makes it tougher for people to focus and make decisions. People who are suffering from mild depression can benefit from exercise to lift their spirits.


Exercise boosts the brain’s production of endorphins. These result in the “runner’s high” that people experience when they exercise hard.

More Ways to Boost Your Brainpower

Do you want to unlock your brainpower’s full potential? There are many steps you can take including getting enough sleep, getting social, doing brain “workouts” and so on. These are ways you can help to boost the effectiveness of your brain’s functionality. There are other steps you can take including:


  1. Learn to laugh

It’s been said that “Laugher is the best medicine.” Recent studies have shown there’s a lot of truth to the old saying. If you want to boost your brain power, this is one of the best ways. Whether it’s a joke, comedy show, or comic strip, a good laugh can provide many health benefits.


There’s some debate about whether the face uses more muscles to frown than smile. However, there’s the issue of gravity, so if you want to help maintain a youthful look, one way is to turn that frown upside-down.


Having a good laugh can provide many key benefits. They include less stress, mood boost, etc. This isn’t to say that laughing will solve all your problems, and it definitely won’t. However, it’s all about dealing with life’s challenges in a positive way and trying to live a happy life.


  1. Eat healthy food

This might be surprising since it’s about your physical wellbeing instead of the mental one. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the human brain needs nutrients to function well. That includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and so on.


There are tons of studies that show an unhealthy diet can have a negative effect not only on your body but also your mind and emotions. Some of the worst ingredients are fat, sugar, salt, and artificial colors/flavors/preservatives. Not only can these ingredients slow down your body, but also your brain.


  1. Reduce stress

Stress and worry are more dangerous to your cranium than you might think Studies show that they can kill brain cells. So if you want to help maximize the power of your brain, take steps to reduce the stress in your life.


There are various steps you can take. The easiest one is just to take some time out for rest & relaxation. It could be during the workday, on the weekend, or a few weeks throughout the year. Taking such breaks from your day-to-day life can have major benefits for your brain. They include more focus, energy, etc.


There are also various steps you can take to relax during the day. They include meditation, yoga, jogging, swimming, yard work, video games, and just about any activity that helps to clear your mind and get focused.


In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, we often think that putting in more hours will make us more productive. While it does for a while, if you don’t take the time to recharge your brain it will be bogged down with the stress and worry you have to deal with. After a while, it will start affecting not only your mind but your emotions as well.


  1. Learn something new

Studies show that learning new information, hobbies, etc. can help to boost your brainpower.

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